5 Deco Tips For The Perfect Winter Bedroom

Published on 12/26/2021

The bedroom is for most people a place of rest, relaxation, and security. In the warm months, we like to keep the bedroom interior in light tones and rely on airy materials to bring the summer flair inside. In winter, however, the focus is again more on the cuddle factor and the longing for coziness. With these five tips, the bedroom gets a winter update to match the season.

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5 Deco Tips For The Perfect Winter Bedroom

Dark Bed Linen

The bes is the focal point of every bedroom. In terms of size, it takes up a lot of space, which is why the design of the bed also largely determines the flair in the interior. With dark bed linen, for example, the room looks much cozier and more elegant. It doesn’t necessarily have to be black! How about, for example, navy blue or lush fir green?

More Textures

Textiles such as pillows, bedspreads, and the like also play an important role in the bedroom atmosphere. We’ll love to cuddle up there in winter, so thick and fluffy fabrics are welcome. A plaid made of imitation fur, for example, looks really good, alternatively, you can also use small decorative pillows with knitted or velvet covers. On the floor, a carpet or runner in a lambskin look ensures that your feet stay warm after getting up.


Candles not only create a relaxed and feel-good atmosphere, but also a great indirect light source. Tip: A single candle can quickly look lost and will not really come into its own in a large bedroom. It is better to set up several candles of different heights and arrange them in small groups on a decorative tray, for example.

Fragrance Experience

Vanilla, cinnamon or eucalyptus: In winter we spend a lot more time inside than outside – so why not be surrounded by soothing and relaxing aromas? This is where so-called aroma diffusers come into play, which gradually release essential oil into the air and thus bring the flair of a wellness hotel into our home. As a precaution, anyone who has pets should refrain from using an aroma diffuser. On the one hand, some of the synthetic substances (e.g. tea tree oil) pollute the animal’s sensitive sense of smell, on the other hand, the water-scent mixture contains substances that can settle in the fur of dogs and cats and are potentially harmful to animals.

The Right Accessories

You can add a few accessories to give the bedroom a personal touch. It can be a romantic string of lights, a wreath of dried flowers or a statement vase made of earthenware. Tip: Limit yourself to a maximum of three colors for all textiles, decorative pieces and accessories in the bedroom so that the room appears uniform and you create an atmosphere of relaxation.