5 Tips For The Perfect Kids’ Room

Published on 01/20/2022

Let’s see it positively: There has never been so much family time! But now that the children’s room has to prove itself in continuous use, do you notice a few “quirks”? Or have you been planning to redecorate the children’s room for a long time anyway?

Shutterstock 1231591345

Shutterstock 1231591345

Plan Enough Storage Space

We can not say it often enough: Children need plenty of storage space. Whether it’s toys, books or sports equipment – when everything has its place, it’s much easier to tidy up.

Leave Space To Play

50 cuddly toys, three Lego boxes, a pirate bed with a slide and a mini ball pit: Children’s rooms are often far too full. The children are then quickly overwhelmed and distracted by the many possibilities. But the best thing is to sink really deep into the game! A well-planned children’s room therefore leaves plenty of room for free romp and play. The loft bed is also a good “playground”: you can quickly improvise a shop or puppet theater in the lower part.

Coordinate Colors And Materials

The own room is the most important place for your child. The place where it plays, learns and sleeps. To support your child’s development, these different areas should be differentiated by colors and materials. At the same time, of course, you don’t want the room to look like a hodgepodge. So decide on a base color and one or two accent colors for the nursery. The accent colors can then be found in individual furniture parts, accessories such as cushions or bed linen. In addition, the character of a room can be changed with little effort with new curtains and wallpaper. For example, when the baby grows into a toddler and instead of pastel tones, bold colors are now more popular.

Let The Child Have A Say

At the latest when designing the youth room, it makes sense to involve the children in the planning. If a child is allowed to help plan its room, it will be much happier to live in it later. Last but not least, such a joint project strengthens the bond between parents and children. Of course, there is no point in asking the child what they want out of the blue. Instead, you could look at the first drafts together and then discuss what is still missing or what has worked particularly well.

Less Is More

A nice cot and a changing table with drawers for the cute baby clothes are must-haves and are sufficient for the beginning. My tip: Invest in high-quality pieces of furniture that grow with you – then you will have something of it for longer, and it will be easier to resell later. A bed, desk and closet are most important for a child’s or teenager’s room. A loft bed creates space – underneath you can cuddle, play and read, or you have extra space for chests of drawers or a desk.