How To Create A Positive Atmosphere At Work

Published on 06/22/2021

Many factors are decisive for the success of a company. But the working atmosphere is of particular importance. When the mood in your company is good, your employees are also motivated, productive and loyal. Above all, you as a manager are challenged to have a positive effect on the atmosphere. The following article tells you what to look out for.

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How To Create A Positive Atmosphere At Work

Design Of The Workplace

Both superiors and employees want a pleasant atmosphere in the company. But how do you define a good working atmosphere? Appropriate conditions start at the workplace itself. That is why your employees’ desks should be ergonomically designed. In addition, enough light and quiet are required to carry out the tasks at hand in the best possible way. Furthermore, your employees are dependent on high-quality work materials and equipment in sufficient quantities.

Communication Is The Key

One aspect that is mentioned again and again is communication. If it doesn’t work, the team won’t be able to act optimally. It is therefore very important that communication takes place regularly and appropriately in everyday work. This also means that problems can be openly addressed by both employees and superiors. This is the only way to resolve conflicts promptly. The criticism should of course be constructive. As a manager, you should also trust your employees and pass on important information in good time. You should also be as open as possible to your team’s suggestions!


Everyone needs confirmation and uses it as a motor for their own motivation. This also applies to the workplace. Sometimes executives tend to have a conversation only when there are negative incidents. But there should also be positive feedback in everyday work. Even if many of the tasks that are carried out in your company every day seem natural, praise can never be wrong. Above all, it takes little effort to positively mention the performance of the employees at meetings and to give them appreciative feedback with nice emails. However, the effect will be great.

Be A Role Model

Leadership also means that you behave in an exemplary manner. If you as the boss often appear in a bad mood in the office and exude an aggressive mood, this will be carried over to your employees. It also reduces motivation and productivity. It’s not about pretending, however. Managers also have a bad day or are allowed to express their anger about recurring problems. But in general, you shouldn’t endanger the positive mood in the company.

Company Activities Connect

Company celebrations, get-togethers and trips with colleagues can help a team grow together even more. But these actions don’t work in every company. If your day-to-day work is determined by hectic and stress, it can happen that your employees see such meetings as mandatory events. It is therefore important that you recognize the mood in the team and respond to it. Perhaps you prefer a shared working breakfast to a full-day excursion. Here, too, you can exchange information with your employees and draw attention to problems.