Tips For A Beautiful Home Ambience With Kids

Published on 08/30/2021

Many women want a nice and beautiful home even when they have kids. 4 tips on how to do this without much effort.

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Tips For A Beautiful Home Atmosphere With Kids

Don’t Give Up On Yourself

Or rather: don’t give up your living style. With the new job as a mother, a lot of changes in life anyway. It is important that you feel particularly comfortable and secure in your home. So get everything you need to know about children that you like and that you enjoy looking at. It starts with the cradle – there is a beautifully woven one from Bernbach, for example – and ends with the child seat, which will be on your dining room table for several years. But be careful: make compromises, too. You don’t have to pull your style all the way to the dining bib. Otherwise, it will be quite stressful. Ideally, you should collect all the furniture and accessories before birth. You have more time then – at least if it is the first child – than afterward. And don’t just look in the usual furniture stores. There are numerous, pretty shops that deviate from the standard range.

Nothing Works Without Storage Space

Storage space is the big magic word when you have children. Because, as it’s well known, the little ones prefer to play in the vicinity of the adults in their first few years. In other words: in the living room or in the kitchen. And with them play blankets, wooden trapeze, and later racing cars, Schleich horses and Playmobil figures travel with them. So that you can let the whole thing disappear elegantly in the evening – without always lugging everything into the children’s room – you need storage space in the living and dining area. This in the form of closed shelves and storage boxes or baskets. Make sure you choose pieces that suit you- so rather not the bright yellow plastic box from the hardware store for the cars and dinosaurs. It’s practical, but also deadly ugly.

Find The Golden Middle

Put aside any perfectionism. Especially when friends – also young mothers – come to visit. You can rock each other up terribly in order to be the perfect mum if possible. Forget about it as quickly as possible. It is more honest to leave the toys lying around, not to bake the cake yourself, but to go shopping or to cancel if you are too tired. The goal is the golden mean; not to sink into chaos, but also not to spend his free time tidying up and cleaning.

Get Rid Of Things

Put a memory box in the screed or in the basement. This is where you can keep your cute pennant chain, your favorite bodysuit, or the cute wooden duck. Only choose pieces that mean something to you and are memorable. You separate yourself from the others. Because new toys and furniture are constantly being added. So get rid of the kitten book for one-year-olds if the offspring is already in first grade.