Feng Shui: How To Create A More Positive Energy In Your Home

Published on 01/14/2021

Do you want more positive energy in your home? Then you should definitely read these 5 things.When it comes to furnishing the apartment harmoniously and neatly, one hears again and again of Feng Shui. The Chinese teaching from the Far East is widespread and popular with all those who want more harmony and balance in their own four walls. Feng Shui comes from Chinese and means “wind” and “water”. It is the teaching of the harmony of man with his surroundings. Here you can find out what it is all about, how to furnish your home according to the concept of Feng Shui and what Feng Shui experts would avoid having in your own four walls.

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Feng Shui: How To Create A More Positive Energy In Your Home


According to Feng Shui, light is considered a strong force and strengthens our chi flow. Therefore, your living rooms should have translucent curtains and blinds that do not completely darken. In corners and rooms where daylight is missing, artificial light sources can also be used. A soft glow is recommended in the living room and bedroom, while bright light is allowed in the kitchen, study or hallway.


Regardless of whether in the vase or in the pot: Fresh flowers and plants make every room more comfortable, ensure a better room climate, and are also ideal for strengthening life energy. Blind spots and corners benefit and are enlivened. However, in order for you to get adequate chi, it is important that the plants are cared for regularly and do not enter the corners or side areas.Decorate in round and curved shapes

Round And Curved Shapes

According to the Chinese Feng Shui teaching, decorating is encouraged and can even have a positive effect. However, when setting up you should not only make sure that the accessories go well with the room, but also that they fulfill their intended purpose. So that the Chi can flow harmoniously through the apartment, you should choose your accessories carefully, and instead of angular or angular decorative items mainly use round, curved shapes.

Placing Of Mirror

Mirrors are a chapter of their own in Feng Shui. Because only if they are in the right place they can have a positive effect. A mirror in a room such as the dining room or living room, in which one likes to hang out with friends or family, should definitely ensure a harmonious mood and energy. A mirror in the entrance area or in the bedroom, however, is not recommended. They reflect the chi, so that guests could feel thrown out when entering the entrance area of the apartment or house, in the bedroom the energy that has already been used would be thrown back, which could disturb restful sleep.

Keep Clean

A tidy home is one of the most important rules of Chinese teaching. Clearing out things, tidying things up, and separating oneself from things that are no longer needed or used in the room is considered liberating, creates more positive energy, and helps to find oneself anew.