Sleeping Better With Feng Shui-Tipps For Your Bedroom

Published on 07/20/2022

Just a few years ago, yoga, detox and feng shui were just terms that genuine esotericists actually understood. Well, things are changing: meanwhile, the healthy and conscious lifestyle has become suitable for the masses and with it the feng shui trend. Especially in the bedroom, we pay more and more attention to the fact that the chi can flow. With these eight tips, this is no longer a problem!

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Sleeping Better With Feng Shui-Tipps For Your Bedroom

Lights And Clear Furniture

The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. Therefore, according to Feng Shui, this room should be set up clearly and uncluttered. Therefore, make sure to place closed furniture with clear shapes and light colors in your bedroom. By the way, you should rather put the drying rack in the living room, because it is an absolute chi killer.

Your Bed Is The Center

Let’s say the bed is your most important piece of furniture. A good mattress and a back-friendly slatted frame guarantee you a good night’s sleep, of course. But according to Feng Shui, WHERE your bed is located, is also important. The following applies: The bed should stand with the head end against a solid wall, as this represents protection, strengthening and security. But beware: There must be no regularly used water or heating pipes in the wall, otherwise an unsightly noise will disturb your Feng Shui bedroom.

The Bed Has To Be In The Right Place

Have you found your suitable wall for a headboard? Well! Because it goes straight on with the bed. The exact location of the bed is extremely important. Its not that easy to spot, though. The bed should not be placed exactly between a door and a window, nor between two opposite windows, otherwise you risk a qi draft that could have a negative effect on your sleep.

No Pictures Above The Bed

Pictures, shelves or cupboards should not be hung directly above the head of the bed. That only burdens us. It’s best to leave this wall completely empty.

Avoid Reflections

Would you like to hang a mirror in your bedroom? That’s fine. The only thing to note is that it shouldn’t be hung opposite the bed, as the reflection creates too much yang qi – which means activity – and disturbs our well-deserved sleep. To be on the safe side, you should ban everything that can be reflective from your bedroom.

No Big Plants

It’s the same with large indoor plants or babbling fountains. They spread too much Yang-Qi and therefore do not belong in the bedroom according to Feng Shui. Better you decorate your bedroom with small plants, wood, stones or shells

Sun? No, Thank You

According to Feng Shui, we need a lot more Yin-Qi in our bedroom. So that which is turned inward, like silence and darkness. It is therefore very important that you can darken your bedroom optimally with thick curtains or blinds.

Delicate Wall Colors

Which wall color is best for deep and restful sleep? Soft colors with low saturation are perfect for the bedroom. We would also strongly advise you and Feng Shui against bright colors like red or orange.