Here Are Some Ways To Make Your House More Fun

Published on 01/30/2023

Aside from posters on your bedroom walls, you had very little input in how your home looked when you were a kid. Now that you’re an adult with your own place, you can do whatever you want to increase the cool quotient of your home, whether it’s building a basement movie theater, customizing your bedroom, capitalizing on the “coffee nook” trend, or even adding a hot tub in your backyard. (That’s right—you can have your very own hot tub!) When you’re ready for a makeover, here are some amazing ideas to make your home far cooler.

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Here Are Some Ways To Make Your House More Fun

Indoor Chair Swing

Indoor swings seem to be making an appearance on everyone’s Instagram feeds lately. A piece of Bohemian-style furniture, such as this one ($548) from Anthropologie, is simply an adult’s excuse to feel like a kid again within their own house, although in the most sophisticated, trendy way possible. But, really, is there a better location to spend a Sunday afternoon reading than this? And, for more ideas on how to maximize the potential of your home, make sure you’re not committing any of the 30 Ways Your Home Is Hopelessly Outdated.

Outdoor Fountain

One of the most simple methods to make your backyard or patio feel more Zen? Set up a fountain. There are numerous types to choose from to complement your existing décor, and it’s a one-time purchase: Simply fill it with water, plug it in, and you’ll be reclining back with your eyes closed, relaxing while listening to its ultra-calming noises in no time.

Go Green!

Bringing the outside indoors is good for more than simply the air (especially considering, per EPA estimates, you spend 90 percent of your life inside your house). Not only did NASA researchers discover that houseplants lower air contaminants in your home in just 24 hours, but they’re also wonderful for reducing stress and enhancing your mood, according to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology. There’s no excuse not to expand your collection and have some greenery adorning your shelves or heaped high on plant stands.

Nicer Bedding

Why do individuals invest so little in their beds? You’re there for about eight hours a day, yet it’s lot simpler to rationalize spending money on a fancier automobile than a better mattress. Set aside some of your next income to enhance your bed: acquire a super-comfortable mattress, up the thread count on your linens, some fluffy pillows, and a nice blanket. When you sleep well, you feel better all around: those Zzzs affect everything from productivity and memory to physical and mental health, according to the NIH, so treating yourself is more than worthwhile.

Switch Out Your Flatware

How long have those chipped plates been in your cabinet? If they’ve outlived their usefulness, it could be time to replace them with something better. Choose some flatware you’re excited to serve your meals on, whether it’s a set of matte plates in gorgeous pastel colors or some one-of-a-kind handmade ceramics from Etsy, to make your meals a little more interesting.

Switch Out Your Silverware

If your dishware is old, chances are your flatware is much older. If you’ve been using the same worn-out set since college, consider changing it with something you’ll enjoy dining with—and perhaps even something with a little sass, like a gold-hued set from West Elm ($89). It’s a simple approach to make any night seem special.

Get A Bookshelf

If your living room lacks a bookshelf, you’re really lacking. It’s not only a terrific location to store all those books that keep floating around from room to room, but it’s also a simple opportunity to get creative and show off your personality a little more. Use it to display trinkets you picked up while traveling, special souvenirs, or anything else that will spark a conversation when you have guests around.

Turn Your TV Into Art

Are you in the market for a new television? Investing in a version that will serve a purpose other than watching your favorite shows is an easy way to make your home way more wonderful. With a gorgeous picture frame and the flexibility to showcase whichever piece of art you desire, Samsung’s new Frame TV ($2,799) effectively transforms your home into a luxury gallery. (For instance, consider the examples above. Yes, those are television frames.) Yes, the future has finally here.