Fun Activities To Do With Your Dog On Your Day Off

Published on 04/28/2021
Fun Activities To Do With Your Dog On Your Day Off

Fun Activities To Do With Your Dog On Your Day Off

You finally have a day off work, and you’re itching to spend it outside with your furry friend. What to do? You go walking every day, after all, so you want to mix things up and try something new and fun for the both of you. Here is a list of fun activities you can do with your dog both outside and an option inside for a rainy day, so you can spend some good old quality time together.

Have A Playdate

Just like humans, dogs need to socialize and interact with other dogs. If you happen to have neighbors or friends with dogs, see if they want to meet up and let their dogs play with yours! Make sure to take the time for the dogs to get to know each other first before letting them off the leash to play. Once they’re familiar with each other, let them run and have fun.

Go To The Dog Park

If you have a dog park in the area, take your (socialized) dog to the park for them to run around and play with other socialized dogs. This will give your dog the interaction it needs while also getting physical activity.

Hit The Beach

Another great way to spend time outside with your pup is by going to the beach. Let your dog sniff, run, and frolic in the sand and water. It’s a great inexpensive way to spend the day, that’s for sure. You might even meet some new friends while you’re there.

Take A Hike

One great option for you and your dog is going on a hike. Again, both of you will be getting plenty of exercise while spending some quality time outdoors. Just be sure to look into the rules of the trail ahead of time so you’re prepared for anything.

Go To The Park

Instead of a dog park, go to a park with plenty of grass to run around and play with your dog! Whether it’s fetch, frisbee, or just running around together, it’ll be a great time out in the sunshine.

Learn A New Trick

Depending on how long you’ve been training your dog, it most likely knows all the basic commands it needs. When you’re spending some time together, it’s fun to try and learn some new tricks! Think of ones like the army crawl, high fives, or even whispering. Of course, treats will be a must for this activity.

Go Shopping

Take your pup to a pet store nearby and let him pick out a toy and a treat of his choosing! Pick up other things you may need on the way or get errands done while you’re at it. When you get home, your dog will have a brand new toy to play with! Not to mention, some new treats to enjoy as well.

Play Interactive Games

Finally, your dog will need some mental stimulation as well in order to be happy and healthy. On rainy days, use interactive games like tug, find the treats, and puzzle games to keep your pup entertained and learning.