Tips and Tricks To Book The Cheapest Flights Possible

Published on 01/13/2021

Traveling is already expensive enough, so why not book the cheapest flight possible! In this article you will find tips and tricks on how to book the cheapest flights available.

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Tips and Tricks To Book The Cheapest Flights Possible

Incognito Browsing Mode

Have you ever tried searching for the same flight route a couple of times and realized that the same flights are getting more expensive every time? Then you are not alone! Based on your search, the cookies on your computer will understand that this flight route is of high importance to you and therefore the flights prices will increase after every search. There is a simple trick to avoid that. The next time you want to book a flight, search from the incognito browsing mode. You will be shocked how big the price differences will be!

The Cheapest Day To Fly

If you want to book an affordable flight, you should always inform yourself about the specific days the flights are the cheapest. Due to many researches and the experiences of travel agents, the cheapest flights are on weekdays. According to researches the best days to book a cheap flight are Tuesday (research shows you can save from 15-20 percent), Wednesday and Thursday. So if you want to book the cheapest flight possible, you should definitely take the booking day into consideration!

Low- Cost Carrier

If you don’t mind long flights or waiting a couple of hours for your connecting flight, you should definitely consider flying with low-cost carriers. It might not be as comfortable as the business class and probably¬† take you longer to get to your destination, however you are going to save a lot of money! There are even low – cost airlines, which offer flights from the US to Europe for just $250. You will be amazed how much money you can save, if you are willing to fly just a bit less luxurious.

Take Connecting Flights

Most people prefer to book a flight directly to their destination, however taking connecting flights will save you an enormous amount of money. When booking connecting flights from different airlines, just pay attention that you have enough time between the two flights. It is advised to have 2-3 hours until your connecting flight. Even if the flights are longer than the direct ones, the amount of money you will save is worth the wait!

Take Advantage of Miles And Points

It is always a good idea to sign up for an airline’s point and miles program! There are many advantages, that are coming with a point and miles membership. From cheaper flights and flight upgrades, over excess to airport lounges to cheaper hotel deals. Signing up for a points and miles card is never a bad idea. And even if you are not ending up flying a lot with the particular airline, there is nothing you can lose!

Book Your Flight At The Right Time

The date you are buying your flight ticket, has a lot more to do with its price than you might think! While there is a theory that booking your flight last minute will save you money, most of the time this isn’t the case at all. Booking your flight at the last minute, will actually just make it more expensive. However, you shouldn’t book your flights months in advance either! Due to research the best timeframe to book a cheap flight, is around 4-6 weeks in advance of your travel.