Easy Tricks To Make Your Apartment Look More Luxurious

Published on 03/31/2021

Are you a lover of luxury and glamour and want your apartment to give off a luxurious vibe without paying a fortune? Then this article is the right one for you!

How To Decorate Your Dorm Like A Pro While On A Budget

How To Decorate Your Dorm Like A Pro While On A Budget

Peel And Stick Wall Mural

Art has a huge impact on the way an apartment looks. A little picture on the wall already chances the whole ambience. If you want to go one step further, you should try a peel and stick wall mural. There are many different wallpaper styles, so you can choose from a Renaissance painting, over a Monet looking flower bouquet over to a modern looking wallpaper, that just looks like a famous picture hanging in the MOMA. The best thing about the peel and stick wallpapers is, that they do not leave any stains. If you want to make your apartment a bit more luxurious, you can order one on Amazon for about $59,99.

Eucalyptus branches

Who doesn’t like a fresh smelling apartment! If you have enough of typical room scents or diffusers, you definitely have to try these very popular eucalyptus branches. The dried eucalyptus branches are not only looking beautiful and adding a specific touch to your apartment, but also smell wonderful and giving off a relaxing vibe. According to reviews, these special room scents are lusting up to three months. They are available on Amazon for around $25.

Velvet Curtains

Curtains can add a lot of style to an apartment. Especially in is velvet now. The material looks very glamorous and luxurious and will give your place the glam style it deserves. Besides the fact that they look fabulous, they also darken the room up to 100%, keep the room temperature in the winter (cold during the summer, warm during the winter). Also, the internet is hyping about the new velvet curtain trend and say how easy they are to clean and how they simply add a real red carpet feeling to your apartment.

Bath Caddy Tray

Bath caddy trays are one of the biggest trends right now and seen everywhere on social media such as Instagram and co. The tray that is made out of bamboo gives you the pure spa feeling. The tray is big enough for your favorite bottle of wine, some magazines, chocolate and some nice candles. This is the perfect luxury item for everyone who likes to take relaxing baths and just to spoil themselves.

Woven Storage Baskets

Storage room in apartments is always a good idea! To add storage to your place in and glamorous and luxurious style, you should try it out with beautiful woven storage baskets. No matter if it’s for your dirty laundry or random things you just don’t want to lie around the floor, woven storage baskets will even make dirty laundry look glamorous! You can get these beautiful storage accessories on Amazon for around $30.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential Oil Diffusers are very in right now. They do not only make your apartment smell like heaven, but also come with an option to change its lighting according to your mood. Due to reviews, the new diffusers are spreading the essential oils much more effective and also helping people to fall asleep due to the light changing. The product is available on Amazon for around $27.