Here Are Some Living Room Trends To Look Out For In 2023

Published on 11/22/2022

Although the kitchen may be the center of the house, relaxation takes place in the living room. This is a room that needs to fulfill several functions, from family game days to cozy movie nights, and ideally look nice while doing so.

In light of this, we asked some of our favorite designers for their best guesses regarding the upcoming trends for living rooms in 2023.

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Here Are Some Living Room Trends To Look Out For In 2023

No More Traditional Layouts

According to interior designer Bradley Odom, the standard living room arrangement will be obsolete by 2023.

The more conventional living room designs of the past, such as a sofa with two identical swivel chairs or a matching sofa with a set of table lamps, will no longer be used, according to Odom. “Filling space with a formulaic arrangement won’t feel thrilling in 2023,” said Odom.

Odom predicts that individuals will place more emphasis on furnishings and design choices that give their room a distinctive sense. We’re making room for objects that stand out, even if it results in a less conventional layout, whether it’s an amazing leather-wrapped daybed that serves as the focal point of the space or a really unique chair.

No More Predictable Accessories

Additionally, Odom observes an increase in unexpected living room accents. This does not imply that you should throw away all of your conventional coffee table books, but rather that you should experiment with more meaningful or interesting accessories.

He tells us that we still have a strong dependence on books and little sculptures. “I anticipate that without the distracting other accoutrements we frequently see, we’ll see more thoughtful and special things.”

Odom points out that pedestals are a popular décor item that use this specific approach. He says, “It can really anchor a room in an exciting way.

Utilizing Your Living Room Space

Our homes have many areas that have evolved to serve more than one purpose, such as the home office closet or the basement gym, but your living room should also serve several purposes.

Living rooms can serve many different purposes, according to interior designer Jennifer Hunter. Because I want my clients to actually live in their living rooms, I always incorporate a game table in them.

Warm and Calming Neutrals

In 2023, according to Jill Elliott, the owner of Color Kind Studio, there will be a change in living room color schemes. The warm, calming blues, peach-pinks, and chic neutrals like sable, mushroom, and ecru that can be found in the living room are what she finds most appealing for 2023.


Curves have been on the increase for a while, but according to designer Grey Joyner, they’ll be everywhere in 2023. According to Joyner, “curved upholstery” including barrel chairs and sofas with curved backs as well as round pillows and other accessories “seem to be making a comeback for 2023.” Like arched doors and interior spaces, curved architecture is currently quite trendy.

Hearth Homes Interiors’ Katie Labourdette-Martinez and Olivia Wahler concur. We currently see a lot of curved sofas, as well as accent chairs and benches, so we anticipate seeing a lot more curved furniture, they say.

Accent Pieces

In addition, Labourdette-Martinez and Wahler anticipate an increase in accent chairs with unusual details and unexpected color combinations in textiles.

The crew informs us, “We enjoy the extended possibilities of accent chairs with rope or woven embellishments on the back.” To achieve a unified aesthetic, think about including hints of the chair’s accent material or color around the house. It provides additional texture and visual interest, which can contribute to the coziness of a homey atmosphere.

Unexpected Color Pairings

In 2023, fresh textiles, hues, and patterns will rule, with accent chairs and sofas in complimentary hues adding visual interest.

Labourdette-Martinez and Wahler concur, saying “We’re really excited about larger pieces in bold colors, like burnt orange paired with muted pastel paint and textiles.” We adore the contrast between a soft blue-grey-white and a rich, saturated rust.

Natural Inspiration

While Joyner notes that the influence of the natural world would only grow in the upcoming year, biophilic design was a major theme for 2022.

She predicts that “natural components” like marble, rattan, wicker, and cane would remain prominent in design in the upcoming year. “Earth tones also seem to be enduring along with this. I believe that greens and blues that are associated with water will still be prevalent.